Arulmighu Konganeeswarar Temple

Location : Lord Konganeeswarar Temple is located at West Main Street, Thanjavur.

Name of the Deity : Lord Konganeeswarar

Name of the Mother : Goddess Gnanambal, Goddess Annapoorani

Pooja Kalams : Four Kalams

Festival : Vaikasi Brahamorchavam, Pradosham, Navarathiri.

Abishegam Rate : Rs.100/-

     The temple has been worshipped by Kongana Sither and hence the deity is called Konganeeswarar. Meru Deepam is being lit by worshippers on every Thursday in front of the Kongana Sither.


1. Annadhanam is daily conducted under Honorable Chief minister Annadhanam Scheme.

2. Any donor depositing Rs 15,000/- can have the Annadhanam in any one day of his choice in a year.

3. Donations for the Annadhanam scheme are exempt from income tax act under sec. 80G(5)(Vi).

Present Rate
Annadhanam ( for 50 persons for one day)

     For all the above services a permanent endowment scheme is available, by which the above services will be made in the name of the donor, subject to confirmation of the temple administration about the availability of the day on payment of an amount equivalent to 20 times of the respective pooja rate. The amount will be deposited into a bank, and the interest received from the same will be utilized for the above Pooja.