Goddess Kodi Amman

     The temple is located at karanthai,Thanjavur at a distance of 3 km on Thanjavur-Kumbakonam road.

Name of the Deity Goddess kodi Amman

Pooja kalams Two kalams

Pooja time 7-11 am & 4-8 pm

Kumbabishekam Last kumbabishekam was performed on 20.10.2008

(Poojas are conducted as per Tamil Vedas by poojaris)

     Goddess kodi amman temple is located in Thanjavur-Kumbakonam main bus route at a distance of 2km from Thanjavur. It is close to a place called Sungam Thavirtha Chola Nallur (Now called Sungan Tidal), Thanjavur. The main shrine of Goddess Kodi Amman is facing east and the Moolavar is a suthai idol. The main Deity is flanked by two stone idols and Pavala Kali. Abhishekam are performed only to these two idols.

     The legend is that once there was drought in Chola kingdom and the king sought the advice of sage Vasishtar. The character and is living with unchaste woman and he should be sent away from the country. There after the country will be blessed with rains and prosperity. The King accepted his advice and drove the Brahmin out of the county. But the Brahmin aligned with one Chatrugopan who was the enemy of Chola king. Calamities occurred in his kingdom also and the enraged Chatrugopan came to fight with the Chola king. Then the Deity kali that is gurading the boundaries of the kingdom took scores of figures and with burning wood destroyed Chatrugopan

     The king who became joyous, constructed a temple for Sri kali, now called Kodiamman. There is also a version that because the temple is located in the boundary corner of the town, she is called Goddess Kodi Amman. There is a Nandhi and Suulam at the entrance facing the Goddess.

     The height of the idol is 5 feet and is facing north. The deities Pachai Kali and Pavala Kali are famous in this temple. Abishekams are conducted daily to these deities. The Utsavar idols of Pachai Kali and Pavala kali are located in the Tiruganasambanthar madam adjoining Omli Pillayar koil in West Main Street Thanjavur. The main festival is conducted in the Tamil Month of Masi for 11 days.

     On a Tuesday Kodi Amman will be taken in procession along the main street of Thanjavur and the idol will be worshipped in each and every house of 64 Manai Vellan Chettiars. Then the idol is taken to Her own village Kalimedu and she returns back to the temple.

Pachai Kali and Pavala Kali festival.

     Goddess kali destroyed the demon Tararkan as per the prayers of the Saint Parasarar. She took the form of Pachai Kali as an aspect of Shymala Devi and her body became red, stained by the blood of Tarakan. So she was called as Pavala Kali. There is a festival called Kali Attam connected with this temple, Thanjavur will commence with festivals of Lord Iyyanar and Kodi Amman.

     The Utsava idols in the west main street will be taken to the main temple and two wooden figures of Pachai Kali and Pavala Kali will be taken in procession. The Pachai Kali will commence Her journey from Sri Sankara Narayana temple in west main street while Pavala Kali start from Sri Konganeeswarar temple of the same street. Both the deities will go around the town with each Deity holding a kapalam made of bronze and filled with Vibuthi . The right of holding the kapalam is enjoyed by 64 Manai Vellan Chettiyars. After dancing in the streets for 3 times the deities retire into the temples from where they started.

     The Utsava idols will then go to adjacent Kalimedu village where the villagers worship them. Then they proceed to Kodi Amman temple via Bondiri Palayam enroute. After being worshipped in Kodi Amman temple they return to the west main street temple and with this festival Kali Attam is concluded.

Annadhanam scheme

Present Rate
Annadhanam ( for 50 persons for one day)

     Annadhanam is daily conducted under Honorable Chief Minister's Annadhanam Scheme.

     Any donor depositing Rs 15,000/- can have the Annadhanam in any one day of his choice in a year.

     Donations for the Annadhanam scheme are exempt from Income Tax Act Under Sec.80G(5) (Vi).